Wedding Starters and Soups

Delightful selection of starters:

  • Half Galia melon filled with (fruits of the forest, pineapple soaked in Malibu, prawns in Marie Rose sauce)
  • Florida cocktail, Grapefruit cocktail, Prawn cocktail
  • Poached salmon (on crisp green salad or drizzled with watercress sauce)
  • Smoked mackerel
  • Cod in Stilton mornay sauce
  • Code in a shrimp sauce
  • Seafood platter
  • Melon boats
  • Meat feast (e.g. Italian, German, Spanish delicacies)
  • Paté and melba toast
  • Egg mayonnaise

Choose from a varied selection of tasty soups:

  • Cream of asparagus, vegetable, mushroom, chicken
  • Leek & potato, minestrone, celery, tomato, tomato & basil
  • Broccoli & stilton, parsnip & apple, parsnip & pear, carrot & coriander, watercress